Sprinkler repair services in Colorado Springs

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Sprinkler Repair Services

Spring Start-Ups

Fall Blowouts & Winterization

Draining Instructions

Sprinklers Etc. has moved away from installing new systems, and is concentrating entirely on servicing and repairing existing systems, while making them as water efficient as possible. This move was prompted by a conscious decision to protect our decreasing water supply due to an ongoing drought in Colorado and many other national regions.

Repair & Maintenance: Our service technicians can repair split copper, PVC or poly pipe, broken backflow preventers, damaged sprinkler heads or valves, timers not working, and much more. Most of our service work in the Spring is due to freeze damage. After repairing the damage we will instruct the homeowner on how to prevent future freeze damage.

Our trucks are stocked with a large assortment of sprinkler heads, valves, timers, fittings, pipe and much more. This enables us to repair most problems on the first visit, without unnecessary trips to our suppliers. Occasionally, there are some specialty parts that we do not stock.

Winterizing & Blow-Outs: The best insurance against freeze damage is to have the sprinkler system blown out with an air compressor in the fall. This is also known as Winterizing. Sprinklers Etc. does this service starting in mid-October. This guarantees that there will be no water left in the system to cause potential freeze breaks over the winter. more

Spring Start-Up: Sprinklers Etc. can start up and correctly adjust your sprinkler system in the Spring to make sure that everything is running properly and providing the best coverage possible. At this time we can replace any broken heads and make any minor reparis. more

Add-On / Expansion / Re-Design: As your landscaping changes you may need to re-configure your sprinkler system. Sprinklers, Etc. can add zones, move heads, or completely re-design your system to accomodate your needs. We can handle projects of all sizes from adding a drip zone for your new garden to re-routing the system around a new deck.

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